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Digital Marketing- Domain Presentation

Digital Marketing Digital Marketing is the way toward building and keeping up client connections through online exercises to create deals as well as catch clients that scanning on the web for answers. Why are people going online? For information on a new product, service or location.  With the constant growth …

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Risk Management Process

An uncertain event or condition which can have impact on either cost, time and scope. Risk Analysis is the process to identify the business, financial, technological & operational risk. A risk is something that could affect the success or failure of a project. Analyze risks regularly as the project progresses. …

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All About JIRA….How to use JIRA Tool…. Part-III

WELCOME AGAIN to the most awaited series of JIRA Tool- Part III. In this series of JIRA tool session, we are going to discussion and cover various important topics like how a developer create sub tasks & its configurations in JIRA, how they link sub task with project & how …

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All About JIRA…How to use JIRA….Part II

In my last blog we discussed how to create new project, add EPIC and create User Story. In this session, i am going to cover Product Backlog Grooming, JIRA configurations etc. Step 1: Product Backlog Grooming Step 2: Click on EPIC on Left pan Step 3: Click on Configuration   …

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All About JIRA….How to use JIRA Tool…. Part-I

JIRA is one of the tools you can use to manage your sprints other tools are Rally etc. Initially JIRA tool was created to track the issue in any environment. The Agile board in JIRA is similar to KANBAN board. KANBAN approach was found in 1950s by Japanese’s Industrial Engineer …

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Tableau Basic’s

Define Tableau Tableau is business intelligence (BI) tool that can help you create beautiful and visually-appealing reports, charts, graphs and dashboards using your data. These reports are interactive and can easily be shared with anyone. Tableau has a drag and drop interface. Tableau is a user friendly tool. Can connect …

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