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Interface analysis for Business Analysts

An interface is an association between two or more solutions or components. Interface analysis is used to recognise why, where, when, what, whom, and for how information is dealt between solution elements. Most solutions require one or more interfaces to trade information with other business processes, solution elements or organisational …

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Vendor Assessment

Technique: Vendor Assessment Vendor Assessment is defined as the evaluation or assessment of a potential vendor to establish if they can successfully meet the obligations and needs of the business regarding a product or service. Role of a BA in Vendor Assessment? A Business Analyst is required to support the …

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Change Request Management

As a Business Analyst, we are responsible for all the change requests, Change requests may vary in amount and complexity throughout business projects and may arise in before, during or after implementation of a solution. So let us discuss some key tips to be mindful of when handling change requests. Understand …

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Do’s & Don’ts of a Business Analyst

The key priority for any Business Analyst is to try and understand the following: Do’s when you are getting started as a Business Analyst Understand what business does and how it does Establish how to improve current business processes Find the steps or tasks to help the implementation of new …

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Decision Analysis

Decision analysis is one of the 16 required techniques required for an effective business analyst. Decision analysis allows us to select a decision from a set of possible decision substitutions when ambiguities regarding the future exist. Stakeholders use decision analysis to examine a problem and make decisions in unreliable conditions.
The business …

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SECURITY TESTING Definition: Testing the authentication of an application to check how will the application is secured from unauthorized hackers or users is called security testing. It is a type of non-functional testing. Security testing is basically a type of software testing that’s done to check how secure the application …

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Sequence Diagram

These are a type of UML diagrams that show how objects in a system or classes within code interact with each other. Especially these diagrams show interactions in the order they take place, in a nutshell they show the sequence of events. These diagrams are primarily used by Developers and …

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