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Domain Knowledge

Domain knowledge is the awareness of the environment in which we work at our Office daily. These days Testing has become mandatory for every Software Application which is in market. To Test on any Software Application it is a must to have some domain knowledge so that we can understand …

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Risk Analysis and Management

Risk Analysis and Management, used for analyzing and managing the risks involved in projects. It helps for the achievement of better financial returns for sponsors, investors and lenders, and improve the consequences of projects whether large or small. It helps in assisting planners, engineers, accountants, actuaries, lawyers, project managers, public administrators …

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Change Request

We must understand that the change request, is always a requirement which changes over a period of a time.  Many a times requirements change, they have to be managed throughout the project. BA’s must and should be prepared for change request and management throughout the Project life cycle. Whenever a …

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Entity Relationship Diagram

ENTITY RELATIONSHIP DIAGRAM The ER model explains the overall view of a database. It works with real-world entities and associations among them. The ER model is considered as a best option for designing databases. Entity An entity can be a real-world object or a thing that can be identified easily. …

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Analytical skills and problem solving

Analytical thinking and problem solving Today we see ,hear and face many problems in our daily life. We get panic for every small problem. If we start thinking , how to solve a problem and solutions for it, then we can win in all spheres of life. For this we …

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