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Requirement Analysis

Requirement Analysis Before getting in to the topic we need to know a few things about this requirement analysis. What is requirement..? What is analysis..? Need to identify the stake holders..? How to identify the requirements of the stake holder..?  Basically the requirement is nothing but the need of …

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Requirement Management

Requirement Management What is requirement? Definition:- Requirement management is the process of capturing, assessing and justifying stake holder needs. Purpose of requirement management:-  The main purpose of requirement is to ensure that the organization meets all the need of the stakeholder.  In order to meet the requirements we …

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Root cause analysis..?

Root Cause Analysis Root cause analysis is a technique that is used to describe about the problem ,which client or customer is facing. This problem which leads to the customer or client will interrupt the business or an delivering an particular software. Describe the Issue:- This is important to know …

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