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Prototyping and its Advantages and Disadvantages

Prototyping and its Advantages and Disadvantages   Prototyping is creating a preliminary version of the project so that it can be replicated into the actual final design. Prototyping enables the client to visualize the project before the finalizing design or requirement. A prototype may not include all the functionalities and …

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BRD Vs FRS   BRD- Business Requirement Document A Business requirement refers to the specific needs that must be fulfilled so as to achieve an organizational objective. These need define the business objectives, vision, mission or goal of the business entity. These are high level requirement which provides an answer …

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Requirement Management Process

Requirement Management Process The first phase of any project is to gather the requirements. This is the most basic, important and critical task for the project development. These requirements serve as the basis on which the entire system, business and application architecture is developed and delivered to the stakeholders of …

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Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder Analysis While working on any project, there are many people in an organization or an organization as a whole gets affected by the implementation of the said project. It is important to identify the people who are influenced by the project and to what extent their influence matters. These …

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