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Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving

Analytical Thinking   Purpose Business analyst must be effective in generating new ideas for approaches to problem solving and also in generating alternative solutions. 2.Definition Analytical thinking involves generating new ideas and concepts, as well as finding new associations and new applications of existing ideas and concepts. These concepts should …

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Elicitation Techniques

Each and every Software project goes through a phase called Requirements Gathering. A successful project begins with a set of discussions on what should be done. It is the major responsibility of IT Business Analyst to gather the Requirements from the clients. Getting the correct requirements from the client can …

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Life cycle of the project

The Project Life Cycle refers to the step wise process that is followed by nearly all project managers when moving through stages of project completion. At the start of a new project, the amount of planning and work required can seem overwhelming. There may be hundreds of tasks that need …

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