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User Stories and UAT

User stories are written throughout agile project that is used to list out all the requirements of the client what they want and why. They also make sure these stories are short .These stories must be written in business language so that it can be clearly understood by the business …

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Ceremonies are nothing but meetings in agile, there are four different ceremonies: Sprint planning meeting, Daily scrum, scrum review meeting and sprint retrospective meeting. These ceremonies are conducted as there are many elements which are discussed with the team.   Sprint planning meeting: In this meeting the development team, scrum …

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Agile Vs Waterfall

These are two different software development life cycle methodologies where waterfall is more of sequential approach where only if one phase is entirely completed then it starts with the new phase. Agile is iterative approach as it is used for fastest delivery of product, where the work is planned in …

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Project closure document

Project closure document is the final end document produced after the end of the project .This document is used by the high level management to understand how the project is helpful for them in future projects and they also gather information from project which they learnt and prepare a document. …

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