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Business requirements is the concept of eliciting and documenting business requirements of business users such as customers, employees, and vendors in the early stage of software development cycle to guide the design of the future system. Business requirements are often captured by business analyst who is responsible for analysis of …

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Requirements Management Process

Requirement management is the process of capturing and justifying stakeholder’s wants & need. It is the process of documenting, tracing, prioritizing the requirements and then communicating them to relevant stakeholders. It is continuous process throughout a project. Requirement management begins with stakeholder analysis and elicitation techniques. Steps in Business Requirement …

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Stakeholder Analysis

A stakeholder is any person or a group of persons or an organisation that is directly or indirectly effected or impacted by proposed IT solution. These stakeholders usually be grouped into the following categories, project stakeholders, business stakeholders, third party stakeholders and negative stakeholders. There are number of stakeholders involved …

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Disparity among Business Analyst & Data Analyst

A Business Analyst works with the technical team and acts as a medium of communication between the client stakeholders and technical team. He takes the ownership of project for successful project delivery. Business analyst analyse the business problems and opportunities in the context of the requirement. He is the point …

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