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A Risk is an uncertain event or condition which could either affect the cost, time, scope or quality and hence the success or failure of a project . So it is important to analyze the risks regularly as the project progresses. While we may not be able to avoid every …

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Change Request

Change Request In our constantly changing business world, it is impossible for anyone to really know exactly what they will need to achieve their objectives at the start of a project .The dynamic nature of businesses, the operational landscape and stakeholders’ expectations can give rise to change requests, which need …

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Basic Flow , Alternate Flow in Use Case Secifications

BASIC / POSITIVE FLOW The main flow of events describes a single path through the system. It specifies the interactions between the actor and the system for an ideal condition. It represents the most common way that the use case plays out successfully and contains the most common sequence of …

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Project Charter

PROJECT CHARTER Definition : A  Project Charter is a document that incorporates the statement of scope ,objectives and people who     are participating in the project. It also explains in details about the project goals, roles and responsibilities  of participants, identifies the main stakeholder and defines the authority of a Project  …

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