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Activity Diagram

Activity Diagram What is an Activity Diagram? Activity Diagram is on of the UML diagrams for modeling the dynamic aspects of the system. Activity diagram is drawn only from the system perspective. It is type of flow chat where the flow of control is from one activity to the other. …

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Use Case Diagram

Use Case Diagram   What is use case Diagram ? Use Case Diagrams (UCD) is a high level diagram. It can be used to describe the functionality of the System and represents only the positive flow. It describes how the external interfaces will interact with the proposed IT system. Use …

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Requirement management process

Requirement management process ¬† What is a Requirement?   A Requirement is a need of a client. It is a defined capability to which the results of certain work should meet. Throughout¬† the lifecycles of project a requirement can be generated at any point of time by various stakeholders like …

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