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Business Requirement Document : These documents are written to define the Requests of a business process or a system that needs to support a business process. These are high level documents that diectors or managements would understand, these documents can be a statement, user story or one liner. BA needs …

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Project Change Management

What is project change management? Project change management is defined as body of concepts, strategies and steps used to manage, control and implement “change” within a project. this applies to all elements of the project and project management process, covering the scope, vision, related procedural components. The key to effective …

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Prototyping advantages and disadvanages

What is Prototyping This is a sample/model/proposed solution/derived on clients requirement and what has been understood. This can be in form of computer screen or a demo model. The tools used are : Balsamiq Axure Invision Webflow POP Origami Mockplus UXpin Framer Vectr Advantages : It helps users who need …

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Activity and Sequence diagram

What is an Activity Diagram: Activity diagrams are kind of flow chart which represent the flow from on activity to another or visual presentatio of actions. these are similiar to flow charts. These diagrams are used in business process modelling. These diagrams can be defined as work flow behaviour of …

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Elicitation Techniques

An elicitation technique is collection of data which is used in counselling, education, knowlege engineering, management, philospht, linguistics psychology to gather information from people in a written format. The person who gathers the info would be called as Elicitor or Analyst. This technique includes observations, interviews, analysis. Methods of elicitation …

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