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Business Analysis Planning

A Business Analysis Planning is a kind of approach to plan the activities flow in a Project to achieve the desired output. There is a misconception that Business Analysis Planning is not the role of a B.A and it would look after by the Project Lead. Many times a Senior …

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Role of B.A in Change Request

A Business Analyst should always be prepared for Change Request. In current Dynamic Environment, it is difficult to expect anything to be static. Client requirements are no exception for that. There might be different reasons for change requests like, as the project progresses new requirements may arise and the existing …

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Object Oriented Approach

OOA is a kind of programming method to develop a software. it is not a regular procedural way of programming. it divides the data structure and functionalities into small parts to get the ultimate output with minimal impact on other functions even if any modifications made in one function. Here …

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A Day as a Business Analyst

  I work as a Business analyst in a Company which has a separate department to provides IT solutions for their own process improvements. Today my work started with a standup meeting where I was assigned to a small project. They gave me a document with some minimal information about …

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