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Assess Requirement Change

We live in a world where the competition to excel in your chosen field is high, this is possible when you constantly upgrade yourself and are on par or above your competition, to be the best, you need to accept and change.
This applies to organizations as well, to be on top and excel in their chosen field they have to constantly change, adapt and evolve. And, as Business Analysts we need to understand and accommodate the organization’s request for change. For any project to be successful, we usually prepare a list of requirements and work towards achieving it on time without any glitches. With time and necessity sometimes a change request can come anytime during the project life cycle or even after the project has been implemented. A Business Analyst should be prepared for a change request anytime.
In a structured project as the waterfall or a dynamic project as agile, the BA has to asses and carry-out the changes. The biggest challenge for the BA is to try and complete the ongoing project without any scope-creep if the requirement change is implemented. He has to look into how the change would affect the business as a whole, the stakeholders as a group and every stake holder independently, and lastly the end user.
To implement the change we need to:
• Understand the reason for change
• Understand the impact of the change
• Understand the effort required to implement the change
• Ensure the change request follows the pre-determined approval process
Though nearly impossible, we need to reduce the change in requirement as much as possible to ensure smooth completion of the project. To avoid these situations we need to acknowledge the maximum number of Change requests in the project and an exception to it in the SOW itself.

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