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Analyze Potential Value and Recommend Solution

The  purpose of Analyze Potential Value and Recommend Solution is to estimate the potential value for each design option and to establish which one is the most appropriate to meet the enterprise’s requirements. It assesses the business value associated with a potential solution and compares different options, including trade-offs, to identify and recommend the solution option that delivers the greatest overall value.

It estimates and models the potential value delivered by a set of requirements, designs or design options. The potential value is analyzed many times over the course of change.

Elements: Expected Benefits, Expected Costs

Inputs: Potential Value, Design Options

Factors:Available Resources, Constraints of the Solution,Dependencies between requirements.

Guidelines and Tools: Business Objectives, Current State Description,Future State Description,Solution Scope.

Techniques: Brainstorming,Business Cases,Decision Analysis,Estimation,Financial Estimation,Focus Groups,Interviews,Workshops.

Stakeholders: Customer, Domain SME, End User,Project Manager,Regulator,Sponsor.

Outputs: Solution Recommendation.

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