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Analytical thinking and problem solving

Analytical thinking and problem solving

Analytical thinking
Business analyst has to do enterprise analysis in project to understand the business objectives, core competencies and market research to get competitive advantage among others in industry.
These are the few techniques BA has to be follow to do enterprise analysis

SWOT analysis
• It is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunity, threats
• BA has to be understand this influencing factors how they could affect the business
• Assess the organisation Internal factors such as people, processes, technology
• Analysing the organisation external factors such as competitor, marketplace, economic conditions how     they impact the business

Feasibility study
• BA has to be form a small team of experts for this study to understand the possibility of completing the     project within time, budget, technology
• Formal feasibility studies has been uses reliable data, statistics and market research to identify                  potential solution options
• Outcome of this study reveals the possible alternative solution for problem or a business opportunity     to  expand

Gap analysis
• Gap analysis is used to identify the deviation in current state of process versus what is desired
• No formal method to conduct GAP analysis just excel sheet can be used for analysis.
• It provides a foundation for measuring investment of time, money and human resources required to       achieve a particular outcome

Strategy analysis
Strategy is the technique used in the organisation to achieve the long term goals of business
Strategies are based on
• Goal and vision of the business
• Resources involved
• Environment
BA has to analysis on following factors
External environmental analysis
External elements affecting a business and its operation
Political, Economical, Socialogical, Technological, Legal, Environmental
Internal environmental analysis
Mission, Objectives, strategy, Tactics
We have plenty of tools for data analytics SQL, Power BI, Advanced Excel, SSAS-sql server Analytical Services.

Problem solving
Business analyst needs to think about problems in business to get solution as well as various stakeholders problems and requirements should be precise and understandable to all level of people involves in project. Modelling of requirements through various diagrams such as use case, activity , sequence, class diagram.
Business and functional requirements specification , user stories is has to be written in an precise and agent’s goal need to accomplish in that specifying functionality.
BA is a problem solver has to know techniques to analysis the problem.
Root cause analysis
RCA helps in getting to find the exact reason of the problem
Correction: Rectifying or identifying the errors in the process or system
Corrective action: To stop the re-occurrence of the same problem in the process
Prevention: To stop the occurrence of the incident
Identifying and involving the stakeholders in RCA is a significant task helps in getting away from the fictionalization of facts.

5why technique
• Involving all stakeholders in the forum to identify what has went wrong in the process
• Identifying the causes of the problem by asking or framing questions with why?
• As per questions framed on factors helps to identify the exact causes of the problem

Pareto analysis
When to Use a pareto chart
• When analysing data about the frequency of problems or causes in a process
• Many problems or causes and you want to focus on the most significant
• Analysing broad causes by looking at their specific components
• 80:20 principle is applicable for every aspect of problem
• 80 percent of problems causes arises on 20 percent of defects

Fishbone diagram
These tools make it possible to identifies all of the possible causes for an effect or problem
• It can be used to structure a brainstorming session
• It immediately sorts ideas into useful categories
Brainstorm the major causes of the problem otherwise use generic categories


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