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Analytical Thinking And Problem Solving

Analytical Thinking – Problem Solving


Today’s it is everyone’s duty to effectively solve problem.


In these days, “Analytical Thinking” is being practicing by every individual in an organization irrespective of domain to achieve a better solution for a problem.


Analytical Thinking, Problem Solving” is a kind of phenomena where a complex issue is divide into parts and finding a solution for an each complex issue.


Everyone will promise to solve issues. Some of them are practically implemented and solves, some of them are not at all relevant to the topic.


Analytical problem solving is a new approach – which can help us to make a solution faster and easier.

It may sounds like hard and difficult but it is the easiest way to make a solution and the best effective approach to make a right solution with in the time.


Problem solvingOne should follow the below phases to solve a problem with analytical thinking.


Define the Problem:

  • First go through the clear study of a problem and analyze it.
  • Identify the scope of a problem and its importance to handle.


Identify Root Causes

  • Don’t guess solution blindly, overcome the assumptions.
  • Go beyond obvious and think out of box to make a solution which really works.
  • Check for multiple causes to resolve them.


Identify Viable Solutions

  • Find out multiple solutions so that we can pick the best one.
  • Make sure you have an alternate solution if the one solution is not working out.
  • There should not be a personal judgment, always discuss in group or with a team to make the best solution.



Be creative

  • It is better to look at a problem in different ways and make a multiple solutions in new ways.
  • Should have a habit of generate new ideas.


Test Potential Solutions

  • Select and test realistic and practical solutions which really works out.
  • Check for the consequences of that solution.
  • Analyze the solution how effective is that.


Make Effective Decisions

  • After analyzing the solutions make an effective decision with the team to pick the right solution.
  • Overcome the weakness of making a decision.


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