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Analytical skills and problem solving

Analytical thinking and problem solving

Today we see ,hear and face many problems in our daily life. We get panic for every small problem. If we start thinking , how to solve a problem and solutions for it, then we can win in all spheres of life. For this we need Analytical thinking and problem solving.

Analytical thinking helps in solving the problem quickly and more efficiently.If applied Analytical thinking skills in our office,they help us to gather information, visualize and solve complex problems, making structured decisions, briefing statistical data, identification of trends, executing projects with more efficiency.

Problem Solving involves various stages such as 1.Define the problem with clarity: Always find out the problem with clarity. 2.Come out with an alternative solution: collect the solution until several alternatives have been proposed. With multiple alternative solutions we can enhance more value to final solution. Brain storming technique helps in problem solving. 3.select an alternative solution: Always check if alternative fits in the constraints. 4.Implement solution: Feedback is a must to implement the solution, continuous monitoring and testing of events against expectations.

Analytical thinking and problem solving are the two fundamental skills that helps to solve our problems. Analytical thinking and problem solving involves decomposing things into component. First break down the complex problems into components and sub components to get clarity for various possible solutions. By applying strategies and techniques we can avoid many conflicts that can prevent us from positive thinking. Find out the possible number of solutions to all the problems and then test the solutions. Have awareness how to accurately interpret the problem. Strategies and techniques include, deductive reasoning, drawing conclusions and applying our own thoughts to come to a conclusions from proofs and assumptions.






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