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All About JIRA….How to use JIRA Tool…. Part-III

WELCOME AGAIN to the most awaited series of JIRA Tool- Part III. In this series of JIRA tool session, we are going to discussion and cover various important topics like how a developer create sub tasks & its configurations in JIRA, how they link sub task with project & how they provide effort estimation. In this session, we will discuss how to create sprints , start sprints and track sprints.

So let’s start the session:

Step 1: Create a Sub task

Click on create sub task

Step 22

Step 2: Go to Configuration. Click on Where is my field.

Step 23

Step 3: Click on Field Screen Project Link

Step 24

Step 4: Go to Configure Screen and Add log work and time tracking in the field tab by using dropdown.

Step 25

Step 5: Go to boards and click on DMA boards

Step 26

Step 6: Create Sub Task

Step 27

Step 7: Time Estimation in Sub Task

Step 28

Step 8: Click on Create Sprint

Step 29

Step 9: Drag & Drop Backlog items to Sprint

Step 30(a)

Step 30

Step 10: Click on Start Sprint

Step 31

Step 11: Sprint 1 Page- To Do List, In Progress & Done

Step 32

Step 12: Drag UserStory from To Do list to In Progress List

Step 33

Step 13:  Drag UserStory from In Progress List to Done

Step 34

Step 14: User Story Completed

Step 35

Here your JIRA Tool session ends!!!!!!!

Keep Blogging, Keep Posting Quires…… 

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