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All About JIRA…How to use JIRA….Part II

In my last blog we discussed how to create new project, add EPIC and create User Story. In this session, i am going to cover Product Backlog Grooming, JIRA configurations etc.

Step 1: Product Backlog Grooming

Step 8

Step 2: Click on EPIC on Left pan

Step 9

Step 3: Click on Configuration

                Click on Edit

Step 10

Step 4: Go to Configure Fields and click on Where is my field

Step 11

Step 5: Select Story points from drop down

Step 12

Step 6: Go to field screen

Step 13

Step 7: Go to configure Screen

Step 14

Step 8: Add Story Point in the field

Step 15


Coming Soon…. All About JIRA…How to use JIRA….Part III Series

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