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Agile versus Waterfall


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Agile and Waterfall model are two methodologies that are very popular in software development. Waterfall is the step by step sequential method in which requirement gathering, planning and analysis, design, development, testing, and deployment are steps carried out in a sequence. While in Agile methodology is a continuous integration and development where customer requirements are addressed throughout SDLC cycle, and thereby also providing flexibility for changing project requirements, as they occur.

DIFFERENCE between waterfall and agile

  1. In waterfall software development is divided into phases while in agile project lifecycle is divided into sprints.
  2. Waterfall methodology is quite rigid while agile is known for its flexibility.
  3. The different phases like planning, analysis and design, development, testing, etc. in Waterfall methodology are completed in sequence and no new requirement is addressed in between. While in agile an iterative approach is followed as a result of which different phases can appear more than once in entire SDLC.
  4. In waterfall model, software development is completed as a single project, which is divided into different phases. While in agile the software development is an iterative process where the complete project is divided into iterations of small projects and the focus is on improving the overall software product based on the feedback of client.
  5. In Waterfall one has to be very clear of the requirements because alterations cannot be made in the requirement during development cycle. While in agile, because of its flexibility changes can be made even during the SDLC life cycle.
  6. In waterfall model the customer participation throughout the SDLC is not required while in agile the customer participation is required throughout the SDLC cycle for continuous improvement and better product development.
  7. Waterfall model is best suited for the projects where the requirement is clear and change is not expected at all. Agile is best suited for the projects which need continuous improvement and changes are coming with the change in technology or as per customer requirement.
  8. Waterfall model focuses on the end product and its completion. Agile Model focuses on the customer’s satisfaction and changes itself as the customer requirements change.

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