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Agile Framework

Agile is a collection of several iterative and incremental software development approaches. The most popular frameworks among them are Scrum, Kanban, crystal, etc. Each of these approaches in Agile has their own qualities but they all have common elements like iterative development and continuous collaboration with the client. All Agile frameworks are lightweight with minimum rules and regulations, especially when compared to waterfall method. Instead of concentrating on documents, technicians working on the project take quick decisions together according to the situation without wasting valuable time. The main motto behind Agile development method is to create applications in small increments and each of which is tested before considering complete. This process assures quality and faster product delivery.

In Agile, no matter which methodology is chosen, every team should include a customer representative. This person speaks on behalf of stakeholders and answers queries of development team whenever necessary.

Daily stand-up meetings are organized in which progress of the work and difficulties are discussed. All these, in turn, increase the quality of the output. As the progress is monitored continuously occurrence of scope creep is very rare.

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