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Addressing the requirements accuracy

There is no standard definition for Accuracy. Accuracy is defined as precision by which solution will be recorded. Accuracy requirements will from a user perspective is the accuracy of functional capabilities that are implemented. Business Analyst must the maintenance of the requirements to ensure that they are maintained so that they remain correct and current after an approved change. In general the solution needs to be utmost accurate. In principle the accuracy requirements applies to all requirements. There are issues with this requirement as well, they are as follows:-

  1. To attain utmost accuracy lots of checking and double checking are required. Which may bring it in conflicting with other requirements. These requirements also need to be identified as with any requirements checked with other requirements for accuracy. Business Analyst may mediate the resolution to conflicting requirements for accuracy.
  2. In case of no compromise then the cost implications of accuracy need to be estimated and applied cost benefit. In case of extreme circumstances destroying the benefit case is a feasible option. The next of what should be done will be decided by the sponsors. Sometimes to attain the solution the accuracy level may be lowered to a nominal level so as to get the desired results.

Business Analyst will record the initial requirement. At first business analyst will look for conflicting requirements and after that business analyst will go for cost. The business analyst raises the common issues if and when it raises with those that generated it and explains the likely opinions. Some solutions needs to be accurate but to attain the same cost and process must be nearly unlimited. In reality attaining accurate accuracy can never be guaranteed as there is always external influence like data is recorded incorrectly or calculations are made incorrectly etc.


Here are some examples: –


  1. If there is a requirement for performing a task at an interval then the accuracy needed will depend of the type of event, business need, cost of implement etc.
  2. Bubbling of OMR sheet where the accuracy of the scanner to read the bubble will be less than that of computer based radio buttons options.
  3. For counting machines where the currency notes are counted with utmost accuracy say, a near perfect accuracy.
  4. If the application involves in voice recognition then dialects of the person will have a large impact on the accuracy while taking notes of the same will be more accurate compared to that of the voice recognition.

The bottom line is that the business analyst will have to analyse and through the accuracy as non functional requirement because there are no rules other than captured information.



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