Activity diagram

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 Activity diagram

Activity Diagram

Activity Diagram is a flowchart to show movement of one activity to next activity. The system can be operated by this activity. So, the activity diagram purpose is live action of the system.

The UML Diagrams focus on implement and move to the next activity. The activities that made actions that apply to implementation modelling technology in the Activity diagram.

Activity Diagram Components


This is an action that splits in to one or more states or actions. This is connection of nodes at edges.  There can be action state, control state, or control flow of activity. These activates are used to describe used inside of an activity. Edges used to show flow of activity. At final node initial node and terminate activates starts
Activity partition

The set of high-level grouping is related to an action is an activity partition. The things such class, interfaces or components, uses cases can by a single partition.

The partition is written on the top activity name. When a partition cannot view clearly

Jion Nodes and Fork Nodes

Activity can be Generated with the concurrent flow by using Jion Nodes and Fork Nodes. Incoming edge is Fork Node and Outgoing edges are numerous. Many decision Parameters similar to Jion Nodes and Fork Nodes. When action comes at incoming edge, it copy and split across numerous at outgoing edges at the same time. From single incoming flow can divides in to number of parallel flows.

Join node is opposite to the fork node It has single outgoing edge and many incoming edges. All Incoming edges performed logical and operation by join node. It can help us in across single out put edge to coincide with the input flow.


Activity diagram have lot of flows to get tough and complex. We can clear tings with help of pins. It gives to rout to control the activity flow of execution and cleaning up messy thins. It represents one input to output from action. Both input pins and output pins have in one edge.


Why use Activity Diagrams?

In Unified Modelling language activity diagram create events of an activity. It contains node collection to join edges. Activity diagram used to model use case diagram, classes, interfaces, components, and collaboration we can used this

It is used to model the processes and work flows. Activity diagram useful to focus on communication of specifications aspect of a system behaviour. It captures elements of the system.

It looks very similar to flow chart the envisage flowchart one activity to next activity. Its an identical to flow chart but not flow shows flow of execution between number of activities.

Activity Diagram Notations

The Activity diagram symbols are generated using notations






  1. Initial States

It’s a starting stage of activity diagram. It takes place at the top is depicted as initial state.


  1. Action Box

It is state of action flow


  1. Decision Box.

It looks in the shop of rumbas it splits the action in alternate paths. It can also shows flow of control in activity diagram


  1. Final state.

The final end shows system when reach final  step of  particle process ends  is final state.







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