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Activity diagram

Here we understand the concept of activity diagram:
What is activity diagram?
Activity diagram is one of the most important concept in UML, this is dynamic in nature and it basically represents a flow and there will be a link between each and every activity finally it will give a message with all the activities. Functional and technical requirements will be shown in these diagrams this will show the overall flow with some certain given conditions.
For example, an activity diagram for checking out a shopping cart can have like customer, inventory, payment, finance, and shipping and show how different parts of the activity are done by different departments for each and every component we will have different functionalities
Here are the symbols in activity diagram
1. Initial stage this starting for every activity we start to draw we need to start with start node.

2. Action state is the one uses to perform a task in activity diagram

3. Control flow acts as a connector between two action states or states

4. In this decision box we have multiple options available or there will be two or more conditions suppose like if , if else

5. parallel process will run in the fork it will have single out put but output may be different, suppose two of the friends are interested to eat chapatti but one of them wanted okra curry in that the other wanted brinjal in that here the chapatti means the single input is same but two different results that is curries the input is chapatti here the two outputs are different curries.

6. here more than one input but only one output is obtained for example if we have pizza so we also need tomatoes , cheese , vegetables on that so here one input is pizza and the output we get with all ingredients pizza.

7. Final state this is the last stage of activity diagram this is where the activity end and get final output.

How to draw UML activity diagram?

Step1: open Ms Visio
Step2: click on UML diagram then it will take to drawing and we need to save with unique name
Step3: draw activity diagram with all necessary symbols
Step4: save the project
Step5: Exit

What is the purpose of activity diagram?
It is the most important UML diagram and it is commonly used diagram it shows the flow or sequence of activities and it is used to show parallel processing. It shows work flow among users and the system.

Here we can see start initial stages ,some action states, some control flow, some decision making as well as form and joins with these we can understand the flow of the activity diagram.

Activity diagrams can be used to show the sequence of each project these diagrams can be prepared with clear understanding of the concept and give the best result to the activity diagram it will be helpful for most of the projects and it is simple and easily understandable.

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