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Acceptance Criteria with business values and complexity points in Scrum Process

In any software development process, a client’s communication with development is essential in creating solutions to the product requirement. The main aim of the client to develop a software product is to fulfil the requirements for the end user. Acceptance criteria state the intend of the client and not the solutions. So let’s understand the acceptance criteria in scum process.

Acceptance criteria in scrum is important because it is good to understand all requirement before we avoid surprises at the end of the scum. It has to define before implementation begins in such situation we are mostly understand the users’ needs and expectations rather than the development the reality. It must be clear and simple without any complexity regarding the outcome. In this we should focus on what is expected and not how to implement it. As a BA should understand the pre conditions when you do some action then the expected results comes.

Since the acceptance criteria concern with client and team it is earlier the client or development team supposed to write it. However the client is mainly writes it if they are having adequate knowledge in software and acceptance criteria writing. Acceptance criteria is documented and completed before project begins. This acceptance criteria could be done in the following templet which will help to understand the user’s story as follows with help of an example.

Scenario Title of the condition in users story
Given (Initial Condition) The users place an item into shopping cart.
When (Something Happens) This is where the process in which the user’s initial order is verified or whether it fulfils the system requirements to process the task. If it does, then the system can proceed to work on the order. However, if the user order does not match to the system requirements, the system will deny the task.

(This is the result)

Once the system has done the users order then system is process order to finalisation or towards End but if denies then it would fetch to understand the order and requirement. Once done the automatically goes to final order and exit.


Business values are calculated on the basis of prioritising the product backlog. Business values are based on the market value such as number of unit sold in the market with get high price.

The complexity points are used to understand the efforts required to implement the story. During the sprint planning on the basis of user stories the development team and QA team will find the complexity points. Line of codes to be written by developer and testers in order to execute the stories. The user’s story that has high business values and low complexity point needs to address first.


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