I started my day as a Business Analyst.

Client intetraction:

I started my day as a BA and that was my first day and i got a chance to interact with a client on behalf of wipro.

It was regarding tracking of JUST DIAL sales executives in terms of geographicaly,productivity and also profitability of the organisation.

My project manager and senior BA have given me a glance about the clients requirement.

My client was one of the senior manager from  JUST DIALand we have scheduled a meeting for requirement gathering .The client from JUST DIALstarted sharing the details and the application that he requires.So i started recording the requirement of client .

Requirement gathering:

Client was saying that he does not have any mechanisam to track his executives once they are out in the field.He was  saying that executives will leave to the field work and will meet so many people to sell their space on website and large deals and montly and yearly subscription in just dial webpage and so Executives will report in the office at 9.30 am and will be back at evening 5 pm and the data what executives provide is not appropriate.So basically we want to know where they are going once they leave the office and what they are doing .What are the number of subscription  that are opened by an executive and who is the performer of the day and what can be done to increase productivity.

Cost Estimation:

As a Business Analyst i have done the jad session to know the views and ideals of stake holders who are part of this project including my project manager.Every one shared there their views and given their feedback in order to finish the project with in estimated budget and estimated time lines.

Risk Appetite:

We have also discussed regarding the risk occurence and risk estimation with my project manager and senior ba.

We came to a conclusion that risk is very less as client require only the tracking mechanisam as a high level requirement and adding to it profitability also.

Solution to the client:

After discussing the functional and nonfunctional requirements with our development team at wipro ,,we came out with a mobile application which includes geographical traking and also he can report the number of subscriptions and weather it s montly or yearly and what is the amount collected for the day .

So that client can know how many subscriptions picked up for the day wheather it is monthly or yearly and he can falicaitate the winner for the day.The app itself displays the highest contributor for the day and highest contributor for the month and tracking geographicaly is however inbuild feature which is available.

So falicitating every day will increase productivity and profitability of clients organisation which he wish to do it through this app is done.

So proposal has been shared to the Client regarding time,cost and efficiency of the app.

Awaiting for clients reply.



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