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A Day as a Business Analyst

A Day as a Business Analyst

I work as a Business analyst in a Company to provide IT solutions for their own process improvements. Today my work started with a standup meeting where small project was assigned to me. They have given me summary of a document with the work they do and challenges they are facing in translation of document form native text language to user language.

A Business Analyst’s everyday work duties can vary considerably, depending on the variety of the current business and project. As a Business Analyst I performed following activities.

  • Investigating goals and issues
  • Analyzing information
  • Communicating with a broad range of people
  • Documenting findings
  • Evaluating solutions
  • Implementation

Investigating goals and issues:

As a BA I spent more time on asking questions. To explain the project I have conducted workshops for employees and TL’s and TQC department through which handling these translation requests.

I have identified the challenge of translation of document from native text language to the English language.

  • Usually employees will send mails to the team leads for translation requests raised by them in any country specific language.
  • Later every team lead need to cross check the translation requests from respective employee and they forward these translation requests to the TQC department.
  • Now the problem is they want to prepare a database that not to include TL’s as it was handling by more man power and time.

Analyzing Information:

As a BA I observed that the mails sent by employees to team leads and from team leads to translation department is more time taking and they want to resolve this issue by developing the database by reducing man power and time.

For this issue I have prepared as use case diagrams and i have interacted with a development team to define accurately what the solution should look like.



Communicating With Broad Range Of People:

To resolve this issue I was interacted with each and every stake holders those who are directly and indirectly related to this issue. The communication with stakeholders was given me a correct identification of requirements and got a clarity to resolve the issue by an it solution.

Documenting Findings:

  • The process of sending mails to the TL’s and TQC department are very time taking process.
  • The organization wants to reduce the time and manpower working on this translation requests.
  • The organization requests to create a common path to accessing by all the employees of the organization without involving TL’s and TQC department so that it is reducing the time and manpower.

Evaluating Solutions:

  • I had a discussion with the developer and came with a application based solution which offers direct access to employees to enter their translation requests directly to the TQC department which eliminates the mailing process.
  • TQC department also have the access to this application to process the requests received through this application and sent proper translation in the application itself.


The implementation phase is not the conclusion for the Business Analyst. It’s the riskiest time for things to go amiss and for objectives to be missed. It’s during this stage a BA should be aware of how clients are utilizing the framework.

Difficulties identified:

  • Time taking to prepare the reports every time using excel.
  • Maintaining data in for certain period is difficult due to huge data.
  • Report generation will be difficult.

Finally a Demo session was conducted with the Team Leads and the employees of both departments with a Prototype.


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