5 habits of Business Analyst


Business Analyst plays critical role in success of project & delivering outcomes.

  1. Validate Objectives: Business analyst should understand process strengths & weakness organizations uses & validate improvements implemented by project
  2. Manage Requirement Process: Business Analyst should work with organizations team to gain deep understanding of their business process & make organization more efficient using capturing tools like                                                               Flowcharts: Step by step organization process, captures current state of organization & new design state, what outcomes could be.                                                                                                                                                User Stories: Picture of what people in organization want to achieve.                                                                                           Context Diagrams: Describes relationships between business & clients.
  3. Manage Relevant Change: Validating changes proposed during course of project. Promote changes organization feels important to fill their mission & ensure any change recur in organization are properly reflected in projects products. Manage schedule impacts, when changes introduced to projects need to adjust schedule to project & potentially plan cost, as well as items.
  4. Manage Testing: Project creates products, that are applied to improve the position of organization. As Business Analyst we should ensure best process & technology products created by projects do what is intended, move organization forward, this require significant knowledge of people & process involved in organization.
  5. Ensure Completion criteria are accomplished: All projects are started with end in mind, projects that include detailed completion criteria which detail what things be accomplished applied to projects considered finished. Business Analyst is a person who look over the overall accomplishments about projects & capabilities of process & tools produced & determined of those objectives were accomplished as intended.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        From start of project to end, Business Analyst is great resource ensuring everything works as intended, with in projects organization benefits from the projects.

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