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Change Request

• It’s a tool that helps to define the specific business problem that needs a solution.
• BA should be aware of handling change request at any point of time.
• BA should conduct fact-finding into the request for better understanding its merits.
• BA should trace the impact to other High-Level Business requirements.
• BA should determine the impact of change to customers, business units, processes, people, systems and documents.
• BA should validate the change with other stake holders and team members.
• BA should be able to identify a practical solution and determine the cost of implementation, estimated duration and the number of resources needed to implement the change.
• Under change request process BA act as a Problem-Solver.
Activities to Perform During Change Request
1. Feasibility Studies
2. Impact analysis
3. Effort Estimation

1. Feasibility Studies: – It helps in understanding whether “we supposed to proceed with the proposed project change requirement”.

2. Effort Estimation: – It’s a process of identifying the approximate amount of effort required to implement the change in the project.

3. Impact Analysis: – It is nothing but identifying all the possible consequences or guessing what to be modified to carry out the change successfully.

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