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What is BRD? And how it is different from SRS?

The task of formulating the document is to understand the fundamentals that will be forced to develop robust software. The type of record expected depends on the type of business, its criteria, how the company processes, and what kind of software is to be developed. Let’s understand the common documents …

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What is project priorities? Why this is important? How to handle this?

Project prioritization is the process of determining which potential and existing projects are most urgent and important. This process involves evaluating the criteria most relevant to your business and applying them to all your projects. You can prioritize projects by potential return on investment (ROI) or by how critical each …

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What is the purpose of the Requirements Traceability Matrix?

Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) is an essential tool in the document form to trace the coverage and completion of all the requirements that are the most significant for the execution of any project throughout all the stages of a SDLC. But how is RTM prepared? RTM is prepared with the …

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What are the basic requirements of a Business Analyst?

Business Analysts are famously known as the force multipliers as the increase the overall efficiency of an organization by identifying the inefficiencies. However, this is easily said than done for, BAs need to possess a wide range of skills to be successful in execution of their role and bring the …

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What are the project priorities? and how to handle this?

Priorities of the project in traditional SDLC or in other SDLC is generally same and we need to keep the track and progress of the project. It can be understood by the below points: Identification of stakeholders by RASCI. focus on business goals and projective objectives listing down all the …

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1. What is BRD? How is it different from SRS?

BRD (Business Requirement Document) is a very important document for any project in traditional SDLC. It gives the details of every component of the project. The main component of the BRD is included the detail of key stakeholders, what are the current situation/problem and opportunity? what is the goal of the project, …

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Project scope management process.

As a project manager I want to continue my project smoothly and accurate and will ensure the delivery of the project on time within the budget of the project. In order to success the project have to keep hold on every activity and documents it and work on project scope …

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