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Fishbone Diagram

Fishbone diagram is also known as Ishikawa Diagram or Root – Cause Diagram. It is used by the Companies to understand the Cause of a problem and how the Project is being affected by the Problem. A fishbone diagram resembles the skeleton of a Fish. Each bone in the skeleton …

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GAP Analysis

GAP analysis is used by the companies for the Comparison of the Present State of the Company and the required future state of the company. A GAP analysis identifies what a company needs to do, in order to reach the desired future state from the present state. This is usually …

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Role of Business Analyst in Scrum.

Business Analyst is most important and person plays a vital role in the process of SDLC, especially in Waterfall and Agile Methodologies.Both these processes function very differently but they Initialization is done by Business analyst as he is the point of contact for both the Client and as well as …

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Brainstorming is an Activity where a bunch of People come together to discuss various ideas, solutions etc. towards achieving a Goal.   This Technique helps an individual build up their thinking ability with a lot of Creative and Innovative Ideas. Brainstorming is helpful to a person in anyway at any …

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Stakeholder Analysis

Who is a Stakeholder? If u have ever been a part of a project then u must be familiar with the term Stakeholder. It’s a commonly used terms in organizations. For those who are hearing it for the first time allow me to explain. Stakeholder can be an individual, a …

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Workflow Analysis

Workflow is a set of sequential steps that are repeated over time to achieve a goal. Workflow plays an important role in running a business. Even though we do not realize workflow is used in personal life as well. For example, a regular house hold task can involve a workflow …

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