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Enterprise Analysis Knowledge area

Enterprise analysis is knowledge area that helps the company to identify business opportunities, to build a business strategy and it explains all the business analysis activities of the company or enterprise . Enterprise analysis is focused on understanding the needs of the business entirely and identifying opportunities which help the …

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Relationships in Use Case diagrams

Use case diagram is one of the static Unified Modelling Language . Use case is a high level diagram and it is used to describe the functionality of how system works using essential and supporting use cases. A use case represents a distinct functionality of a system , a component, …

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Project change management

Project change management is to ensure that the project achieves its expected results and results by supporting the individual transformations required by the project. When you install new technology, employees must adopt and use it to create value. When you implement a new process, employees must adopt and use it …

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BA DO and don’ts

AS a BA DO and don’ts that every business analyst should consider are- 1-QUESTION EVERYTHING- Never feel sorry  for asking questions, ask the right questions and get clear information from clients .BA can ask questions until you figure it out. Sometimes, unless you ask a question, the client may not …

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