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Feasibility study of a project

Feasibility study of a project   A feasibility study is used to assess whether a proposed project should be undertaken. It does this by assessing feasibility in four area: Economic feasibility – money Technical feasibility – hardware/software Operational feasibility – resources Schedule feasibility – time Based on the outcome of …

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Root Cause Analysis(RCA)

Root Cause Analysis is a useful process for understanding and solving a problem. Figure out what negative events are occurring. Then, look at the complex systems around those problems, and identify key points of failure. Finally, determine solutions to address those key points, or root causes. How to conduct Root Cause Analysis? Define the problem. Ensure you identify the …

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Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM)

Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) is a document that maps and traces user requirement with test cases. It captures all requirements proposed by the client and requirement traceability in a single document, delivered at the conclusion of the Software development life cycle. The main purpose of Requirement Traceability Matrix is to validate …

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The Value of BA Role

Business Analyst always makes sure that the requirements from the business are collected properly and documented. The same will be conveyed to technical team in UML which is likely to be understood by them. He acts as a bridge between client and development team. He gets the requirement from clients …

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Business Analyst should always try implement the solutions, he/she should not say no whenever client/business approaches him/her for the IT solution. At the Time of Requirement Gathering from Client, BA should not assume that it is included BY DEFAULT. He/She has to always check with clients. If any point is …

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