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Categorizing Requirements

It’s quite difficult to gather and document the requirements. We need to know how to build a structure that enhances comprehension and makes it simple to conquer the analysis. Requirements have characteristics that define them. These characteristics ensure the stakeholders in the respective business analysis receive what they gain from …

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Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis is a method to find the original cause of the fault in a product or process that the person or company faces. A Business Analyst uses tools and techniques to find out the root cause of an issue which can be described below:   The issue or …

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Stakeholder Management Strategy

Why Stakeholder Management Strategy? In order to effectively manage stakeholders, one should acquire the skill of stakeholder management strategy. The stakeholder management strategy identifies the different stakeholder and approach that to be followed to gain increase in support and negative impact of stakeholders and approach that to be followed to …

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Work flow analysis helps to analyze the flow of information that is used to complete a process that may involve multiple people, technologies and tasks. Work flow analysis can be done by identifying sequence of actions performed by the system to accomplish a task by considering set of controls, conditions …

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