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Business Analysis Life Cycle

Business Analysis Life Cycle Overview: Business analysis is a research to identify the business needs and to determine the solutions for the Business problems. The solution could be a software system development but it also consists of process improvement, organizational change or strategic planning and policy development and the person …

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Business Process Modelling

Business Process Modelling Overview: Business Process Modelling is a collection of process to understand the current business process of the organization in visual documentation, which also can help in understanding the scope of improvements in the process. It majorly emphasis on the process of the work than the product of …

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Skills and requirements for a good BA

Skills and requirements for a good BA   As a BA you need to have varieties of different skills and nature to adapt to the changing environment. Business Analyst will bring their unique blend of skills and experience to the role Below are some of the skills and requirements of …

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Gap analysis

Gap Analysis: Gap Analysis is a procedure to find out the difference between the current state and the future desired state of the business or a project The organization make plan and procedures to improve the current state by using the GAP analysis By gap Analysis technic business can determine …

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Stakeholders Management

Stakeholders management is a process of identifying, analyzing, planning and implementation of required or desired process which might have a direct or indirect impact on the business. Stake holders might be individuals or a group who are interested in the business, who are involved in the work or effected by …

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Communication Model

Since recent decades communication has been the essential part of human life. Now a days it has become very easy for anyone to communicate a message when compared to those older days. In the recent times we have found many ways to communicate with each other. As said by many …

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Relationships in Use Case diagram

A Usecase diagram is a high level diagram and will not show many details, but will communicate ideas to understand the system in basic way. There are different elements in usecase namely, • Actors • System • Usecase • Relationship In this blog, we are going to discuss about “ …

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