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Tour Management System

Tour management system is very useful now a day in this digital world. This system made very easy to book hotels and many more things used in the tour. People can choose which place to visit and which place not. They can also view the history of the places where …

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Stock Maintenance

As we can see that there are many stores opening in several cities every year and customers purchase most of the products from the stores as customers preference in buying patterns are changing time to time which creates an opportunity to the service providers to enhance the services and sales …

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Use Case Diagram

A use case diagram defines a relationship between a users called as an actor and its different  activities known as use cases, it is a simplest way of showing interaction between a user and the system. In another word it can say that use cases are the blueprints of any …

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Do’s & Don’ts as Business Analyst

1-Every problem of Client has uniqueness, so talk to the client with a plain mind with no assumptions from your previous experience. 2-Never come to any conclusion before listening or understanding all the aspect of requirement from client, if you have a slight amount of doubt about any demand or …

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