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BUSINESS PROCESS MODEL   A Business Process Model is a diagrammatic illustration describing series of activities. It represents various actions and their respective connective link occurring throughout the process sequence. Business process model (BPM) deals with: Goal of an organisation. Goal has various aspects for example profit, quality, and support …

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Business process model

A business process model is a model of at least one business process which typically incorporates the mapping of processes and sub-processes down to activity level , and characterizes the way by which tasks are completed to achieve the expected goals of an organization. Organizations once in a while work …

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ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS   Root cause analysis is the process of learning the root of the problem for a product or process that a company may have to deal with. This technique is frequently used to determine why the problem has aroused at the first place. A problem is one …

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Need Vs Requirement

There is an unclear view among Business Analysts and client while recognizing the differentiation between a need and a requirement in these days. A “requirement” is defined by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) as a condition or capability required by a stakeholder to solve a problem or achieve an objective, …

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