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Boundary Value Analysis

Introduction Boundary value analysis, tests the functionality of a program at the extreme boundaries. When checking a range of values, after selecting the set of data that lie in the valid partitions, next is to check how a peace of code behaves at the boundary values of the valid partitions. …

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What Is Benchmarking? Process benchmarking is an activity done with the objective of comparing the processes of an organization to: Processes of leading organizations in the same industry Processes of leading organizations in a different industry or Best practice processes, due to their superior performance and wide acceptance. Benchmarking offers …

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Elicitation Techniques

REQUIREMENT ELICITATION TECHNIQUES what is Elicitation? Elicitation is a procedure to bring out the intelligence information from people as part of human intelligence Elicitation Technique. There are different elicitation techniques to gather requirements or to collect the information. There are different types of Requirement Elicitation Techniques as follow 1. Brainstorming …

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