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What is Force Field Analysis

Technique to identify the positive and forces that impact the success of project Best done early when there is a need to understand the impacts of a project Does not identify the requirement Steps:–Set two flipchart ( Positive Force, Negative Force) –Use Vision Technique to generate Ideas –Use decision Technique …

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What is Root Cause Analysis

Root-Cause Analysis is “an analytical technique used to determine the basic underlying reason that causes a variance or defect or a risk” Steps in conducting a session:–Explain the difference between causes and their effects using  examples. Point out that effects can’t be solved but underlying causes  can. –Divide a flip …

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What is Gap Analysis

Techniques used to identify the Gap between AS-IS and To-Be System. Steps: –Setup Three flipchart (AS-IS, GAP, To-BE) –Describe future state of Business in To-BE Chart (result of vision  technique) –Describe Current state of Business in AS-IS Chart(result of  definition Technique) –Pose a question to group or sub group (what …

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Why BA’s need facilitation skills and his role as a facilitator

The art of bringing people together, face-to-face or remotely, to elicit requirements and gain consensus on solutions is a critical  success factor for all business analysis professionals. BA will help stakeholders define their needs effectively through the facilitation skill. The BA facilitator role provides process to group settings and avoids …

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My Key Challenges as a BA

My greatest challenge is not the result of a single act but an ongoing discussion with many, many stakeholders that continues for every moment that I am working. Some of them being: The artifacts are key dependencies on many members of a project team including the PM, Solution Architect, Senior …

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BA’s role in Agile practices

Be cross functional- identify your secondary skills Collaborate and communicate more with everyone Be ready to take on tasks that may not be your primary skill Be available through out the project life cycle Liaison with product owner to prepare product backlog Help product owner prioritize product backlog items Support …

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BA Processes

The business analysis process begins with analyzing the enterprise to determine the organizational changes needed to meet the business strategy. The decision package includes initial risk assessment, business case, feasibility study and other documents that support the decision making. The BA then works with the PM to define and document …

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What is Business Analysis

It is the set of tasks and techniques used to work as a liaison among the stakeholders in order to understand the structure, policies and operations of an organization, and to recommend solutions that enable the organization to achieve its goals. It involves understanding of how organizations function to accomplish …

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Challenges faced by a Business Analyst

A Business Analyst’s role is an extremely crucial role in any Organization. A Business Analyst is a vital link between an Organization and its clients. A Business Analyst has a responsible job of eliciting client requirements, analyzing & defining these requirements and then supporting the Project Management team in terms …

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