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Business Process Modeling

Business process modeling is the graphical representation of a company’s business processes or workflows, as a means of identifying potential improvements. This is usually done through different graphing methods, such as the flowchart, data-flow diagram, etc. BP modeling is used to map 2 different states of the process: As-is, the …

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RACI Matrix

A responsibility matrix, of which the best known variant is the RACI Matrix, describes the level of responsibility of various roles or persons in completing tasks or deliverables that are needed for some project, process, or effort. RACI is an acronym which stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed.  Since using …

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Project Closure Document

The Project Closure Report is the final document produced for the project and is used by senior management to assess the success of the project, identify best practices for future projects, resolve all open issues, and formally close the project. Contents Document Version Includes the details like Project Name, Project sponsor, Project Manager, Date Document Approval Signatures It has …

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Does a BA role fits into Agile/Scrum?

Does a BA role fits into Agile/Scrum? I would say, Business Analyst is Business Analyst irrespective of the project execution/delivery framework and methodology. The primary role of Business Analyst is to help the organization meet its objective, provide business solution, ensure complete requirement engineering for success of the project. So, …

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Business Requirement Document

Business Requirement Document: Business Requirement document consists of Business requirements. It mainly concentrates on what is required in the project rather than How to achieve it.   Business Requirement document is used To get in rapport with the stakeholders. To give inputs for next project’s phase. Helps in understanding the …

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BUSINESS PROCESS MODELLING (BPM): Business process modeling is nothing but creating the model for a business process so that it can be understood easily. I.e. BPM Has a goal Has specific input Has specific output Uses Resources Has number of activities that are performed in some order Business process modeling …

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Scope( In Scope and Out Scope)

The Field of Project Management has a unique vocabulary filled with acronyms and Specialized terms. Three essential concepts included in that are viz. Scope, Risk and Assumptions. The scope of this blog is about Scope and what In Scope is and Out Scope is. Scope: Scope is the set of …

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Fish Bone Diagram

Fishbone Diagrams Introduction: A fishbone diagram is also called cause and effect diagram/Ishikawa diagram/Herringbone diagram/ Fishikawa diagram. This diagram is created by Dr. Karoru Ishikawa which is mainly used for product design or quality defect prevention to identify potential factors causing an overall effect. When to use fishbone diagram: A …

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