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Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis: (RCA) A root cause is a factor, due its occurrence the process is disturbed, and the desired output is not achieved or deviated due to this factor. It is the reoccurrence of the same event over a period of time which hinders the smooth flow of the …

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Pre Sales Process

PRE Sales Process ===================== Pre Sales Process is an activity that is carried out before we acquire a client. The pre sales process begins after an initial contact is made with the future prospect. There are various steps that we need to go through Finding a Prospect Initiating the contact …

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Prototyping and it’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Prototyping and its Advantages and Disadvantages The Basic Idea of Prototype Model is to build A prototype before designing or coding can proceed. It is developed so as to understand what all things are required depending upon the currently known requirements. By using this we can get a feel of …

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Prototyping is nothing but freezing of requirements before design and coding stage. Here in, prototyping we provide the blueprint to the client which gives the look and feel of actual project. Client will be clear with the idea how the project is going to develop. Probably the prototyping is not …

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Pre-sales Process

Presale is a collection of all the activities which linked up to achieve the aim of knowing the target audience or customer. Reports shows that business can be enhanced 20-30% if the presale process is in lined with the customer’s needs. Presale is a process which generally performs before acquiring …

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Prototyping and its Advantages and Disadvantages

In prototyping, you create a model of the proposed solution. In business analysis, a prototype generally means a representation of a computer screen and examples of how the user will interact with the application to accomplish a task to solve the business problem. The business analyst creates the prototype, usually with help from the …

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Business Process Modeling

A Business Process Model describes the business process followed by an organization to create value to clients. Below are the characteristics of a Business Process Model: A Business Process Model 1. Has a Goal 2. Has inputs 3. Uses some resources 4. Has an output 5. Has a set of …

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Communication Method

To become a Business Analyst, the most important thing required is the “Communication” skill. Communication bridges the gap of understanding between the individuals. A Business Analyst will communicate with several people inside and outside of the organization such as Business Users, Project Managers, Scrum Team, Developers, Testers and other stakeholders …

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The pre-sales process is the set of activities that are carried out before the customer has been acquired. This article will explain the pre-sales process and how you can use it in your own business. It will also examine why it is important for the pre-sales and sales teams to …

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