Daily Archives: September 3, 2018

Disparity among Business Analyst and Data Analyst

“Business Analyst and Data Analyst are like two apples of the same tree but having different qualities and taste” Both work on getting business insights, but Business Analyst work majorly on gathering requirements which are critical to client’s needs they can e systems specific requirement as well. Where as Data …

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Activity & Sequence diagram

Activity diagram: Activity diagram represents the flow of use cases. The use of activity diagrams is for the description of the business processes that will describe the functionality of a  business system. An activity diagram consists of the following symbols which are used to draw the flow of activities or …

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Disparity between Business analysts and Data analysts

Business analysts and data analysts are the fields which involve working with data. The major difference is in the way of working with the data. Initially data analysts gather huge chunk of data from which they identify useful information and structure their findings into easy to understand format which may …

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