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Comparing BRD and FRD

BRD and FRD seem to be similar documents at most of the stages in their development but basic difference that we can highlight between the two documents is that BRD is developed with business perspective and business needs whereas FRD is developed with functional needs and perspective in terms of …

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Business Requirement Document vs. Functional Requirement Specifications.

Business Requirement Document consists of high level business requirement with goal of an organization to develop a product or solutions with the help of an IT system. Functional Requirement Specifications is also a high-level functional and technical specification document, which highlights functional requirements i.e. functionality of the software. Business Requirement …

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Requirement Management Process

Requirement Management is the process of systematically organizing, documenting, prioritizing the requirements of a project. It is an on-going process that continues through-out the life-cycle. Identifying stakeholders The stakeholder identification process is one of the most important processes in a project because projects are undertaken to fulfill the requirements of …

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