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How does a BA handle change requests in a project?

Change is an inevitable part of life and requirements in Software projects are no exception. Firstly what is a requirement change in a software project? Anything that is not scoped as part of the original requirements constitutes a change. This change could be in the form of adding a new …

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How do you write a use case?

First we have to read the case study properly. Find all the actors and differentiate the information against each actors. Make a sequence of all actors. Then we have to find out the actions performed by each actors from case study. Then try to identify essential use case and supporting …

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RACI Matrix. What is RACI Matrix? * A RACI Matrix is a simple tool used to clarify roles and responsibilities during a Project or organisational Change. * RACI stands for Responsible , Accounatble , Consulted and Informed. * A RACI matrix enables you to specify who is responsble , who …

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Stakeholders Analysis matrix:

Who are stakeholders:- Stakeholder is any person or Organization ” who impact the project & who impacted by the project”   Stakeholder Analysis: It’s process of identifying and analyzing the stakeholders that are likely affect or be affected by proposed action either positive way or negative way. Identify Stakeholders: Identify …

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Change Request

The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has bought progress-Charles Kettering A change request is a proposal to alter a system or product, often brought by clients or a team member. Business Analyst often function as agent of change. There are two types of change request: …

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Stakeholder Analysis Matrix

One of the techniques used by a business analyst in identifying stakeholders is data representation. In a way, we use data representation to formalize the data we’ve gathered and analyzed into a useful, understandable, and relevant format. A very common data representation technique is Stakeholder Mapping or the Stakeholder Analysis …

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Types of Business Communication

Types of Business Communication: The Business communication Business Communication is sharing of information in or outside of the organization to reach financial goals or commercial benefits of organization. It is mainly categorized into two types. Verbal Communication Non Verbal Communication Again the two categories are divided into sub categories Verbal …

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Gap Analysis

GAP ANALYSIS How to perform Gap Analysis?? A Gap Analysis is a simple method of comparing the current state of something to a desired state and then you determine steps that must be undertaken to improve that state The common uses for gap analysis are – Project Planning , Process …

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Requirements communication Tip

Requirements communication tips Requirements communication have ensures that all stakeholders have a shared understanding of the nature of a solution and a common understanding of the requirements. Inputs BA plan BA communication plan Any requirements Elements General communication Formal presentation Informal presentation Techniques Reqs walkthrough Reqs workshop Requirements management and …

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