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Fundamentals for Effective Logo Design

Fundamentals for Effective Logo Design Nowadays plenty of creative logo design resources, tutorials are available across the web. These have been helping designers as a powerful toolbox for logo designing. Before going to use this toolbox, one need to gain understanding of what makes a logo design effective. An effective …

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YARN Architecture

Apache YARN is one of the core component of Hadoop. YARN (Yet Another Resource Negotiator) is the Resource Management Layer of Hadoop Architecture. It was introduced in Hadoop 2.x. To run and process the data stored in HDFS, YARN allows different data processing engines like Graph Processing Interactive Processing Stream …

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Useful Queries in SQL

Useful Queries in SQL Fetch alternate(even number) records from emp table. SELECT * FROM emp WHERE rowid IN (SELECT DECODE(MOD(rownum,2),0,rowid,NULL) FROM emp); Fetch alternate(odd numbered) records from emp table. SELECT * FROM emp WHERE rowid IN (SELECT DECODE(MOD(rownum,2),0,NULL ,rowid) FROM emp); Find out the third maximum salary in the emp …

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Core Controls in ASP.NET

This article gives an overview of how to use the core controls contained in ASP.NET framework. These core controls used to build every application in ASP.NET. Given article explains how these core controls display the information to users. Display information using Label and Literal controls:- ASP.NET Framework includes two controls …

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