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Conduct Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder Analysis is one of the techniques used in the business requirements initiation which is the gathering stage and the first step in requirements engineering which is one of the most important phase in business analysis. Stakeholder is any person, organization or a social group which has a stake in …

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Relationships In Use Case Diagram

A use case diagram is a static type of UML diagram which is used to depict the interactions among the elements of a system. It is a high-level diagram, also considered a mother of all UML diagrams. Basically, use case diagrams describe the functionality of a system. There are four …

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Scope (In Scope and Out of Scope)

Like any other aspect of a project, we would want to determine how scope impacts the planning process of the project. It is a part of the project planning process which helps in documenting and determining the goals of project, deliverables, costs, tasks and deadlines. This kind of paperwork is …

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