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Agile Framework

Agile is a collection of several iterative and incremental software development approaches. The most popular frameworks among them are Scrum, Kanban, crystal, etc. Each of these approaches in Agile has their own qualities but they all have common elements like iterative development and continuous collaboration with the client. All Agile …

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Risk Analysis

The process of analyzing the project outcomes and objectives due to risk or unwanted event occurrence. Risk analysis is key to project management to avoid the surprises during progress and streamline the certainty of the project outcome. This analysis is done to assess the quantitative and qualitative effects of outcome …

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Basically, Agile software is nothing but a methodology which¬† belongs to a group of software development methodologies which isbased on frequentative development, where requirements and solutions cause through cooperation among self-organizing cross-functional teams. Agile methods or Agile processes usually popularize a disciplined project management process that supports frequent investigation and …

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