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Conduct Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder is a person or a group of person or an organization who are directly or indirectly involved in a particular project and will get benefitted by that project. Identify Stakeholders: Following people usually get involved directly or indirectly in a project in an organization: Project Manager Business Analyst Project …

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Relationships in Use Case Diagram

Relationships: Association: An association is a relationship between two objects that are link or combined with each other. This can be a “IS-A” or “IS-Many” relationship between two objects which shows some kind of relationship between “One-to-one” or “One-to-Many” objects. Representation: It is usually drawn as a Solid Line connecting …

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Project Charter

PROJECT CHARTER Definition : A  Project Charter is a document that incorporates the statement of scope ,objectives and people who     are participating in the project. It also explains in details about the project goals, roles and responsibilities  of participants, identifies the main stakeholder and defines the authority of a Project  …

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Relationship of Use cases

Use case include is a directed relationship between two use cases which is used to show that behaviour of the included use case (the addition) is inserted into the behaviour of the including (the base) use case. We draw the use case for the users perceptive, which is helpful for …

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Relationships In Use Case Diagram

Relationships In USE Case Diagram 1) Definition:- Use Case Diagram are those diagrams which are referred to the behaviour of the set of actions performing by Actor or other third parties. 2) Benefits of Use Case Diagram:- A) List of all the activities are in summarised format. B) It is proactive actions of project planning. C) It is …

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What Are Use Cases and how to identify it?

  What Are Use Cases and how to identify it? In my opinion, or you can say that in an easy manner a use case is a process that represents requirements for a software application. If you have analytical mindset then this work is for you. But still the question …

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Generally ‘Need’ indicates the want of something or circumstances in which that something is necessary to live for an organism, whereas ‘Requirement’ is some quality or qualification that you should possess in order to be allowed to do something or to be suitable for something. In case of Business Analysis, …

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Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder Analysis is a method to identify all parties like persons, departments, or organisations, to take the necessary steps to manage their special interests and expectations so that the project works smoothly. It can be done once or on a regular basis on the requirements of the project management. Basically Stakeholder …

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ER Diagram

ER Diagram It is  a conceptual  modelling tool which represents data in the form of entities and relationalships. Entity: An entity is a object or concept in which information is stored and represented by rectangles.It is something which can be defined.like person,object. Entities are  nouns. Actions: These are represented by …

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