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Synopsis:-Here in this document Gap analysis mainly explained in the project scope and environment.   In plain language gap analysis is something what we can drive to fill or achieve or improve the states from the current state to future state, which is like AS-IS state to TO-BE state which …

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RACI MATRIX Stakeholder analysis is the basic stage of requirements gathering. It is the process of identifying the stakeholders of the project. Stakeholders are nothing but the people/organization who are responsible for the success or failure of the proposed IT application or project. A RACI matrix is a stakeholder analysis …

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USE CASE DIAGRAM Use case diagram is a behavioral UML diagram, this is a high-level diagram and the mother of all diagrams. A use case diagram can summarize the details of the system’s users and their interactions with the system. Use case diagrams are used to identify functions and how …

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Definition:  It is a process that is used to define what are the requirements are be selected for the project. For this requirements gathering the business analysts has to be decided the correct and suitable requirements for the project. And it is the first stage of the process requirements gathering …

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Definition: It is a process that to analyse how the work is going in the organisation. And it is used to find that what the basic position of the work and it’s gathered the strengths and weakness of the work in the organisation. In this analysis it will used as …

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Equivalence Testing

Equivalence Testing As the name suggest, it means equivalent in the value or the function. The role of business analyst in every project apart from defining, analyzing and documenting requirements also require to be hands on till the successful completion of the project. Equivalence test is used to assess that …

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Communication Method

Communication Method As a Business Analyst the key factor that differentiates from other roles is the test of their communication skills. It has to be effective in both verbal and written form so that every stakeholder understands about the requirement which the client is looking for. There can be no …

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Communication plan

What is communication plan? A communication plan is an arrangement driven way to deal with stakeholders data. The arrangement formally characterizes who ought to be given specific data, when that data ought to be conveyed and what communication channels will be utilized to convey the data A successful communication plan …

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Brainstorming techniques

What is Brainstorming? The basic idea behind brainstorming is to find a conclusion for a specific problem by gathering a list of ideas spontaneously contributed by its member(s). In other words, brainstorming is a situation where a group of people meet to generate new ideas and solutions around a specific …

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