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Analytical skills and problem solving

Analytical thinking and problem solving Today we see ,hear and face many problems in our daily life. We get panic for every small problem. If we start thinking , how to solve a problem and solutions for it, then we can win in all spheres of life. For this we …

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Root Cause Anslysis

Root Cause Analysis Root Cause Analysis is one of the technique used to identify the problems areas which creates gap in providing business solution to their customers in an organization. Also determines cause and effect of current challenges which depicts the process of identifying the rout cause which helps to …

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Entity Relationship Diagram

An Entity Relationship diagram is a graphical representation of all objects coming under system boundary. It has three components called entity, relationship and cardinality. Components of ER diagram Entities – represented by rectangles Relationships – represented by diamonds. Attributes – represented by ovals. Cardinality- represented by lines.   How to …

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Epic/Theme/User Story

      Traditional Waterfall treats Analysis, Design, Coding, and Testing as phases in a software project. This worked OK when the cost of change was high. But it hurts us in a couple of ways like Quality, visibility, handling changes. Agile development uses clear delivery vehicles to bring structure to any …

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